Finding the best aquarium filter for planted tanks

Finding the best aquarium filter for planted tanks

Having a planted tank, means that you should have the correct filter. There are many different filters on the market, but it doesn’t mean that they are all quality filters that you can use for your planted tank. For a planted tank, you will need a special filter that is designed for your plants. Here are a couple of things that you should consider when you are finding the best aquarium filter for planted tanks:

Finding the best aquarium filter for planted tanks

The type of plants that you have in the tank

The first thing that you need to consider, before you can be able to buy the correct aquarium filter, is the type of plants that you have in the tank. Some plants require cleaner, more oxygen in the water. There are a couple of these filters that doesn’t have what it take to keep some plants happy and thriving.

You need to make a list of plants that you have in your tank, or planning to buy for your tank. Take this to the shop and they might assist you in finding you the right filter for the type of plants you have.

The size of your tank

Of course, the size of your tank will also play a big part in deciding which filter you’re going to use. You can’t use the same filter for a smaller tank for a larger tank. This isn’t going to clean the water adequately and you might have dead plants before you know it.

There is lots of information available on the Internet to help you decide the type of filter that is required for your size aquarium. You just need to have the right size tank when you search for the perfect filter.

The lighting in the tank

The one thing that many people don’ realize is that the lighting that you have in the tank is also going to play a big part of the type of filter you have.

Led lighting for planted tank

If you are using the bright lighting that enhances the growth of the plants, you will need to have a stronger filter. This is because the water will get dirty faster, and will not be efficient for the growth of the plants.

How the filter might look in the tank

Some people are looking at the overall appearance of the filter in the tank. Some filters are looking great and can make the overall look of the aquarium even better. But, there are some of these filters that are not really for enhancing the look. You should consider what is best for you, an ugly looking filter or a filter that is doing the best possible job.

Finding the best aquarium filter for planted tanks should be as hard as what you might think. With just reading as much about filters for planted tanks as possible and to make sure you have the right amount of filter knowledge, will ensure that you’re buying the best possible filter for your tank to have healthy plants that are thriving in your tank. And, you will not regret your purchase.


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